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Nic Lopez aka sticky, is born and raised in Dallas, TX, he built an amazing portfolio during his AP art courses in school, After graduating from high school Nic worked a few jobs until he decided to join the U.S. Army as a Radio Communications Security Repairer, he constantly drew even through all 5 years of his enlistment, which included being deployed to Afghanistan twice. Unfortunately, Nic lost all of his art he created before leaving the army in transportation moving back home. After deciding not to reenlist, Nic focuses on family and his own passions like creating art in many different forms, but really began focusing on his craft during his apprenticeship for tattoos and piercings, during this time as an apprentice Nic worked on becoming more skilled at his craft and began painting and drawing more often, practicing and learning new techniques with the help of other artists that continue to push him to be a better artist everyday.

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