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Born and raised in Fort Worth Texas with kids and a mate. A LOVE for the ocean,  and a fear of it so she paints it, to bring peace. Dealing with depression and anxiety from an early age, when she paints, something amazing happens. Those thoughts of doubt are gone and she feels peace. Never intending to become an artist, she was adopted by her grandparents who never saw art as a real job. Always excelling at drawing or “copying” whatever she could, she would win art awards at school frequently. It reached a point where art became redundant. Since her grandparents didn’t nurture her artistic abilities she blocked out art entirely


Fast forward to giving birth to her first child she was severely affected by postpartum depression. The only things that helped were very strange, like organizing things by color. Upon visiting Twisted Painting for a date. She attended a class went with an instructor that didn’t care about painting the actual painting, she was less engaging and seemed not to care. That irritated her. She picked that painting for a reason, it spoke to her. Still she took it upon herself to listen to the instructor and look at the display to get the final product. At the end of class she was still working, finishing 45 minutes after everyone else. While closing up the instructor looked at her painting and was surprised by how accurate it was, Candice Is a perfectionist and was hooked on painting. Her life changed after that. She became an artist who’s art gives people peace, something that is hard to find and often sought. Working with acrylic pours favorite blues to create seascapes and other nature feels are this artists forte. This artist also loves commissions feeling they always bring new inspiration.