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“As a child my earliest memories of art are not between the lines of a coloring book, but the lines themselves.   It was the lines that stuck with me.  In my art today, the focus is the dichotomy between the arbitrariness of how color is positioned on the canvas against the carefulness of the outlines of that color.   The line along with epoxy resin takes the color and makes it pop.

There is beauty in imperfection.   As a leader of people in business, I would draw a straight line using a ruler and then freehand a straight line next to it.   I would then ask my employee which one was they preferred.   Inevitably they always said the one drawn with the ruler.    Ah, but the imperfection seen in the line drawn freehand has so much more soul and power in it.    My artwork continues to be about these small blemishes that the hand drawn line produces.   The power and the soul of the artist.   Life is not perfect.   Thank goodness."