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Ashley is an artist from New Orleans and now lives in Dallas. Her abstract pieces utilize quirky and crafty techniques to achieve incredible texture reminiscent of nature, marble and other precious materials. The soft color pallets feature light grays, creams, and blushes contrasted with an texture thats visually palpable.


Coming from a creative father that always worked at his own auto body shop she learned to see that there are ways to make a career from practical art. She started her own business, specializing in reshaping womens eyebrows through a process called microblading. Always cooking and creating new recipes, she revels in using the unwanted or unexpected to create something that people will love. Ashley explores the art in everything she does and finds that in each form she learns and expresses who she is while providing release.


Ashley embraces the moment and finds energy and inspiration in whats happening in front of her, she is moved forward by what is happening in the now, the moment propels Ashley artistically and in all aspects of life.